Sunday, October 5, 2008

more water polo - and Triathlon - and teaching news

It was once again a very busy and productive week!

Teaching wise my kids worked on their "understanding by design" units and i am getting pretty pleased with the results! It's basically focused questions that make them explain their results more and show their answers in a variety of modalities. so one problem will have them getting an answer by graphing, functions, and explain what it MEANS. pretty cool. i will probably try to scan some of them in for work-related stuff, so will post a link. algebra 2 is cool!

Water Polo established a website at which links to the existing google site. we officially split up into JV And Varsity.

Friday night: Fundraising (made about $70 but hey, better than nothing).
Saturday morning from 9-11am when it was raining!: Scrimmage! (

Saturday afternoon: Took two kids to work on computers for the fresno seniors computer lab! a 2005 article. great to see people are still using it 3 years after i left it and almost 8 years since i started it.

Sunday morning: A trip with 4 kids and my girlfriend to Merced for a triathlon! We just watched it, which was pretty cool actually! It's been a while sine I just watched a race and cheered friends on... so pretty cool. Also made contact with the Merced Jr. College water polo coach and will probably try to send a couple of kids his way next fall...

Then this afternoon took a nap, hung out with meagan, made dinner, did some swimming at the gym to prepare for next saturday and sunday's triathlons (just two sprints), and now am doing laundry and will prepare for the week some more! two polo games; both away against tough teams but it will be fun!

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Rainmaker said...

Wow, I'd need a nap too just thinking about trying to do all that stuff.