Thursday, September 25, 2008

Water Polo Game

The water polo season is upon us. Today mclane water polo battled Edison HS and well... it was 11-3 them, but the score doesn't tell the whole story! We had nine kids out of 22 that had never played a game of water polo before which led to quite a bit of confusion when they were in the water but it was really good times and we learned a lot.

some other stuff happened this week that made the week kind of stressful so after the game i went on my first solo run in more than a month. i ran twice last week but it was with kids so it wasn't really hard and we stopped a bit to talk etc.

so it was a 24 minute 5k but it was fun and i'm not sure. then afterwards i cooked a great spaghetti dinner (well i just have spaghetti with butter and parmesan cheese) and a pluot(cross between a plum and an apricot... i'd never heard of it before last tuesday when i bought some at a farmers market. before meeting Meagan, I'd been to exactly zero farmer's markets in america. now I've been to one like 5 times!) it was really good but at the end i accidetnally dropped my bowls on each other and they BROKE! one was my favorite bowl ever i bought at target a year or two ago. the other was from the family home i smuggled to myself during college at one point. so that was sad. but it inspired me to clean up the living room a bit and i invited meagan over to feel like a regular 25 year old to watch The Office. Meagn's not a huge fan of the dry humor, but i enjoyed it. of course, i'm also a HUGE fan of ...

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mathnerd said...

I LOVE xkcd! I go there every other day (when they update!) Sorry to hear about the bowls, I get sad when I break plates and such they were my "moving out" present from my parents, and since I have to go buy more. Sounds like water polo is going well, hope they win next match! How are classes going this year?