Monday, April 30, 2007

a reminder i work at an inner city school

Apparently this morning at around 7:20 a student was stabbed on his way to school. he's doing ok (mostly a superficial wound... he was saved because apparently he's fairly big, so the knife didn't really hit any organs) and the attacker likely wasn't a student. still, crazy.

oh yeah, we started doing 3-d solid stuff today (surface area, volume) which i like and today was fun; we just practiced drawing them because for a lot of kids that throws them off when they have to go find the area and such of them. i thought it was a really good lesson.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

this weekend

I went to go look at my blog and mathnerd posted that i should post. so here i am.

- i'm a first year teacher (would prefer not to say where) coaching water polo, assistant coach for swim team, and hte most exciting thing is that i've been training kids for a triathlon the past few months. it's been an incredible experience.

I had sixteen kids training for it, and 10 went to the Icebreaker Triathlon in Folsom Lake. see and check out the pictures. i'm the guy on the front of the "men's swim" picture set... for better or for worse!

This weekend we got a chance to go to an arena football game with the local Police Activities League. I took 8 kids; it was pretty awesome. They had a great time, were really appreciative, and it was a great team bonding experience.

Thsi morning was a small "kids" triathlon that they competed in the 15-17 division. there were five racers. One of my guys got second in the whole thing, another got third! Not bad! Both of my girls that raced finished, even though they were having some issues.

One of my students accidentally locked the keys in the borrowed Suburban... not cool for a while! But we were able to get in... the benefits of working at an, "at-risk" school is that the kids know how to pick locks and stuff... heh.

Teaching tomorrow I'm going to plan out right now. I went to a Geometer's Sketchpad workshop Friday and Saturday (yeah, it was a super busy weekend!) and didn't learn much but it ignited a passion to use that baby in class! Tomorrow I think I'll just do the standard Monday stuff - hand out the five Passion Problems (five problems that by the end of the week, they'll be able to solved. Helps keep me and them focused and lets them know what they'll be quizzed on on Friday.)

-k got the problems and a general plan for the week. I was hoping to have time tomorrow night to work out, but I think I'll have to spend time finishing grading tests and working on the rest of the week. there as just no time this weekend... i'm exhausted after spending 7 hours working with the kids today and being in the sun...

- i'm thinking about purchasing (for pretty cheap) a suburban to help haul kids around. there was an article in the local paper about my triathlon team a couple of weeks ago and there has been a great response, with people donating shoes, offers of money, etc. right now whenever we go somewhere other than meeting at the school it's a huge operation, sometimes involving two trips and stuff which is annoying. although i'm kinda paring down the Tri Team a bit too from the kids that are committed to those who aren't. for the summer i will probably try to get it bigger again, but for the next triathlon (probably July) i want them doing all three events; not just a relay approach, so will need them dedicated.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Just starting

I think it'd be cool to start a blog. Lately I've actually been reading some of the education-centered blogs, so now I have a place to talk about what's going on with my students and I too...