Saturday, August 16, 2008


- The Olympics have been great for publicity for swimming! (and a bit water polo...)
- Michael Phelps is awesome
- Hell week for McLane Polo went great!
- school starts monday!

i'm tired that's it.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Turning Points Academy

At a meeting today for TPA (Turning Points Academy). Not bad so far... but i'd rather be sleeping/working out! basically school begins now...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

last race

It was the last race of the season for the Fresno PAL Triathlon Team.

Normally i copy and paste the race report as I type it to my growing army of supporters, volunteers, sponsors and athletes. And mom and dad :-)

This time I'll type it out anew. Basically we left at around 1am on Saturday MORNING to make the three hour drive up there. Well, i started picking kids up at that time after napping a bit. We actually did leave Fresno at 3:30am after stopping to get a bite to eat at some all-night taco place called Robertitos. It was very crowded too!

I sadly lost my $500 (last year) JVC Everio harddrive video camcorder as i placed it on the back of the suburban at a gas station that morning. i obviously don't have the cash to replace it so i was quite saddened by that fact but realized once we drove off, this is south Fresno so it would have been gone.

Once at the race the kids racing did great. We did have a problem with Edna getting into a crash but she was ok. As far as we can tell she was slowing down for a speed bump (the race starts out coming out of a campground) and a guy behind her ran into her. Looking at the pictures of the bike/tire, I'm amazed she was ok with just some bumps and bruises. Still, the runner on her relay team (daniel) was probably the most excited for this race so he still ran after we got permission/he knew his time wouldn't count.

Special Moment #1: Daniel helped billy run through the 5k even though billy was cramping (i didn't feel bad for him... told him not to eat that breakfast burrito but he'd already bought it and his other friends - not racing that day - had one...). It was amazing almost out of a movie!

then we set up camp and all kinda slept for a bit. i don't remember much except crashing on the grass. (sleeping)

For my olympic distance triathlon, i'd been doing more bike work so obviously wanted to improve on that. i'd done enough swim work but didn't feel great about it. normally i do 10x 100's on the 1:20 to make sure i'm ready for a long distance race but i hadn't had a chance to do those, so was kinda nervous; just relying on natural swim ability and my shaved body.

here are my own two times:
2007 2008
Age 24 25 (by USAT)

Gndr. M M

Division 21-24 25-29

Swim Split 23:20 23:24

Swim Rank 27 40

Swim Pace 1:35 1:34

Bike Split 1:35 1:22 (13 minutes ain't bad)

Bike Rank 228 heh 160 getting there...

Bike Pace not given 18.1 mph (my half ironman pace was 16

Run Split 1:08.53 1:03.26 (almost a minute per mile...)

Run Rank 206 199 (still not much better)

Run Pace not given 10:14 :-(

Finish Time 3:07 2:49.01

my goal was 2:30 but perhaps that was overly optimistic. Still, i beat my time by a substantial margin and improved the most in the bike. Gotta love looking for those nuclear cooling towers (a pic of my team with said towers should be below):

I've mentioned before i developed some planter faciitis after my quick-to-trot half marathon in may. it's been getting much better with regular icing and stretching. what bugged me most on this run was that my feet just HURT. i need new running shoes that have actual arch support or get insoles that have it. my breathing wasn't labored, my legs felt fine and didn't cramp, my feet just dang hurt and i had to stop a couple of times to rest them. But it was ok. my students that raced in the aquathlon did excellent (run times for the 10k of 35 minutes and 40 minutes, respectively... so i'm training someone correctly!).

most positive for me was the rave reviews and the chance to say THANK YOU to the volunteers and staff at TBF Racing. from bill driskill, the co-owner and main guy we work with:
"Thanks for your email. It was great to have your team at the events this summer. Thanks for the letter and the cards to our staff this weekend, it meant a lot to them.

I am going to post a piece about your team with a link to your website on the home pages of TBF Racing and Total Body Fitness.

Congratulations Brandon on the success of your program and the success of your athletes."

so that was nice; through our kids working as volunteers we've raised a lot of money through them... and it is indeed changing lives. (had a meeting with the director of the police activities league and she is committed to the triathlon program too... good stuff!).

- i've enjoyed being on vacation this week. it's nice to just sit and clean sometimes! i officially put away all of the triathlon stuff so it's clean here:

yes... that's much more organized than it was before! ok i'm out.

for more pictures and fun see

Friday, August 1, 2008

amazingly true

i couldn't have written it any better myself. click the title link - long read but explains a ton about my kids... i thought of a particular kid at almost every description! (sadly, even the one talking about kids cutting themselves...)

- great "taper" run today, tomorrow last little swim and bike along with some transition training. getting ready to leave

i couldn't get it to export to pdf for some reason tonight, but i'll be distributing color copies of that this weekend at the triathlon in sacramento in an attempt to build more support and perhaps sponsorships for next year.