Friday, October 31, 2008

Half Marathon coming up


I cancelled my comcast internet a few weeks ago to save money, but after two weeks i realize how much I actually do need/miss the 'net at home, so will be starting up next week again with At&t internet for twenty bucks a month. Still saving $50 a month. Combined with saving fifty bucks a month for turning 25 on car insurance, it's nice to know that I'm $100 richer every month to apply toward that credit card payment - and I saved another $100 this month in unrelated cost-cutting (like doing better on making my own healthy food... low-fat mac and cheese mon/tues and baked chicken with greenbeans and corn on wednesday! Yesterday I did buy a teriyaki rice bowl for dinner and did some upper-body weights at the gym.

I've been training for a local half marathon november 9th. 9 miles on Monday, 6 miles on Wednesday and will do 11 miles this saturday. Next week will see a few speed-based 5K's to be ready for 13.1 next Sunday! I'm doing it with my student Albert and good friend Dave Castro is doing the full marathon. I've really been enjoying running these past couple of weeks but am sad I seem to need new shoes every few months/the bottom of my feet start to hurt. I figure these shoes have about 100+ miles on them but didn't keep a running journal or anything.

A placeholder website for the race is up at I'm still waiting for official confirmation from the Fresno PAL board of directors before going further. (they'll handle the financial side of things.)


Rainmaker said...

That's cool to be running it with one of your students. A half marathon is a great distance.

mathnerd said...

wo,wo,wo... Your insurance went down after turning 25? So there is hope? I can't believe how much mine goes up every year. Hopefully in March when I turn 25 it will start going down... we will see...

Also glad to see things are going well... :)