Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Algebra II test

I did not wake up to go biking this morning at 4:30 like I was hoping, but did make it up for morning water polo practice. but only 2 kids showed up so we went to mcdonalds. and got iced coffee! so i'm all jazzed today. is a new algebra II unit test they will take tomorrow. they've been learning the stuff with quizzes thrown in for a month and a half now. they just finished a "benchmark" three-problem test where they had to more explain than do the math for each of the main types of problems (inequalities, graphing/modeling, and slope stuff/piecewise functions). so today it was super easy to them, which was certainly gratifying to see! On the pre-test most of them got like 2 right out of 11...

then tonight go to go to Fresno State and swim along with my asian Josh and myself. tomorrow is bike to work day and we also play clovis north in water polo! Big day! It's 10:40 and i better get in bed if i have any hope of waking up around 5 to actually get a 10-20 mile ride in before school starts and get there early too! and safely :-)

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mathnerd said...

It is always gratifying to see that they might actually be learning something. :) Also be careful riding, I had a student get hit by a car and killed riding her bike Thursday. So be safe!