Thursday, September 25, 2008

Water Polo Game

The water polo season is upon us. Today mclane water polo battled Edison HS and well... it was 11-3 them, but the score doesn't tell the whole story! We had nine kids out of 22 that had never played a game of water polo before which led to quite a bit of confusion when they were in the water but it was really good times and we learned a lot.

some other stuff happened this week that made the week kind of stressful so after the game i went on my first solo run in more than a month. i ran twice last week but it was with kids so it wasn't really hard and we stopped a bit to talk etc.

so it was a 24 minute 5k but it was fun and i'm not sure. then afterwards i cooked a great spaghetti dinner (well i just have spaghetti with butter and parmesan cheese) and a pluot(cross between a plum and an apricot... i'd never heard of it before last tuesday when i bought some at a farmers market. before meeting Meagan, I'd been to exactly zero farmer's markets in america. now I've been to one like 5 times!) it was really good but at the end i accidetnally dropped my bowls on each other and they BROKE! one was my favorite bowl ever i bought at target a year or two ago. the other was from the family home i smuggled to myself during college at one point. so that was sad. but it inspired me to clean up the living room a bit and i invited meagan over to feel like a regular 25 year old to watch The Office. Meagn's not a huge fan of the dry humor, but i enjoyed it. of course, i'm also a HUGE fan of ...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

it's been a while!

Indeed, it has been a while!

Things have been busy with school and water polo starting, my brother getting married, trips to Yosemite and the like. All good though.

Teaching algebra 2 this year and geometry has been pretty tough. I feel like I'm working harder than the previous two years and not getting further. But I'm finally caught up on grades so now can focus on just the future. So that's good.

Water Polo we have been lucky to have about 20 kids out there which is a great thing! Actually the most McLane water polo has had in about a decade. So I'm quite encouraged. Slowly they are all getting the hang of egg beatering and passing and driving and swimming head-up freestyle and plays and all that stuff... our first game is Thursday, so we'll see how it goes!

I got really bad poison oak a few weeks ago on my ankles so that running made it bleed and hurt a lot. but after 3 weeks i was able to run last week for the first time and it felt GREAT! I hope to run again tomorrow (3 miles) and am making myself ease back into things! My marathon hopes in november are off but i should still be good to go for a half marathon. and i've got two sprint tri's coming up in october.