Thursday, April 17, 2008

USA Triathlon Life article

If you get the USAT members magazine Triathlon Life, check out page 44.

I was pretty pumped to finally get the magazine after responding to a bunch of emails, phone calls and such back in October. Unfortunately it mostly focuses on me, but also talks about the fantastic kids and their improvement. I'm hoping for more interest and visits to the website at if people search for Fresno PAL Triathlon Team or Brandon Dorman Triathlon in google. (right now it points them to the right sites...).

Reading the article, it was cool to sit back and just kinda enjoy a job well done in the midst of aiming for higher and higher aspirations for my students (and myself!).

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Rainmaker said...

Dude - that's an awesome, both the article and everything you do. I had no idea. You should definately scan the article and post it. If you don't have a scanner, let me know and I'll happily scan it in for ya. Easy as pie.

You're doing an incredible job!