Friday, April 4, 2008

amazing kids

I just love and am always amazed at how a little bit of attention to a kid can go a long way. Just tonight I received a phone call from a kid I was a camp counselor to in - get this - 2002. He is the age now that I was when I was his counselor. He talked about a time back in '02 when he was getting picked on, and walked into the cabin and apparently I'd told the guys to say something nice to him. He was really surprised and it stuck out in his mind.

In fact it seems to have made a big impact in his life. I mean, it's 6 years later and he still remembered it enough to call me about it. He's never called me before - got my phone number from the "signature" line of my emails which we've corresponded maybe every six months to a year over the past 5 or so. He is one of those kids that initiated/kept in contact with me well after camp, and i even went and visited him and some other people a few times as he lived nearby my hometown. I'm realizing more and more the importance of my role as "that teacher who didn't give up on me" in these kids lives. Even if I feel too persistent or annoying or like they're taking advantage of my kindness. I'd rather feel those feelings than give up and not find out it put their life on the right track.

Here's to the small moments that make lifelong impacts. (share a story of yours?)


Anonymous said...

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Rainmaker said...

I think everyone has certain teachers they'll never forgot. I keep in loose contact with a few that have made lasting impressions. Perhpas one of my favorites was the one who on the first day of class (a history class, Freshman in HS) explained to us the importance of asking what isn't in a newspaper article or magazine article. She said at the time "I have students who come back to me and say 'Ms. O - after you told us this I can't ever read a newspaper again without thinking about what you said'" And it's true. To this day I never forget what she said and exactly how she said it...every time I read a paper. It's funny how it's always the little things that stick with ya.

Thanks for being a teacher!