Monday, February 18, 2008

First Race

We did a 5k this weekend. 9 kids in call, thanks to the heroic last-minute efforts of my girlfriend Meagan. Thanks Meagan. For six of these kids, this was their first actual race before with numbers and everything, and we had a great time! 3 kids beat me too... one kid by just one second despite my best efforts at sprinting at the end! So I'm seriously going to start running twice a day.

Doing special right triangles this week! If you hadn't seen the myspace pages yet (which I'm afraid I'll have to take down soon because some kids are abusing them):
(and the more popular )

Hilarious stuff. "i love long linear walks on the beach..." etc. I think I'm funny. The kids think I'm goofy. I don't care!

On a personal note my grandfather is very ill and I spent all day Sunday visiting him up in the Bay area (about 2 and a half hours away). We'll see...

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mathnerd said...

I thought those myspaces were quite humorous. And sorry to hear about your grandfather.