Friday, February 1, 2008

cool connection

Last night one of my earliest mentored students (all the way back from 2003 when i was a camp counselor) sent me a message on facebook basically saying what's up.

the cool thing about that is i hadn't heard from him since probably 2004... he'd been going through some problems at home, so i sent his parents a letter around Christmas time offering to talk to him or whatever; to, "get inside his head." apparently he hadn't liked the wording of that and had gotten pretty upset.

well, he said that he'd forgotten about that... it was "in the past" and was excited to be talking again. i reminded him to not send me "email" type messages on facebook since im a teacher and stuff now... but wow, it just really made my day to get the message from him! relationships that matter are truly why we are in this profession! even when we think the kids have forgotten about us!

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