Monday, February 4, 2008

first official triathlon club practice of 2008!

Preseason is over! The first official swim practice of the Fresno PAL Triathlon Club (the largest active high school triathlon club in the country as far as we know! (seriously!).

Two kids came along to the fresno State tri club practice and we had a good time swimming. Albert noted that "I'd forgotten how hard and yet fun swimming is!" and Sovann got several cramps so didn't swim much - but it was the first time he'd tried actual swimming since Triathlon season last year (march)! So I was very proud of both of them! Next practice is wednesday!

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mathnerd said...

Ok those myspaces are funny. It made me laugh! You are a facebooker? Me too. I actually have both, but prefer facebook as its not so popular with the youngings. Infact none of my students even know what facebook it. But I was informed today that they will be making me a page this weekend. So I will have to keep a lookout! :)