Monday, April 6, 2009

Visalia Triathlon

I wasn't going to do any triathlons this year, but I couldn't resist the super sprint Visalia Tri this past weekend.

I was first out of the water, had some mechanical problems on the bike (my gear cables seemed to be malfunctioning and refused to... shift...) but still had fun and did ok, and the run was fine/i passed some people/got passed too.

the name is Brandon Dorman, age group 25-29.

Awesome race, some kids came along too and we handed out flyers for the Splash and Dash, Kids Tri Camp and Kids Triathlon too. good times.

The Kids Tri Camp is going great this week; I'll post a full review when it's done on wednesday!


Sports Endurance Enthusiast said...

You did a great job! It was nice to see you again... Now, when's our next rematch? Just kidding!

Rainmaker said...

Very respectable job, the race results looks like it was a tight race. Congrats!