Saturday, April 11, 2009

Great Kids Camp and first triathlon next weekend!

By all accounts, it was a great three days at the first ever Kids Triathlon Camp in the central valley.

Pictures are here:

10 campers (two of them siblings of my students) participated in swimming, biking, and running. I personally learned that it wasn't that hard to put on a great camp chock-full of skills and fun because it's really just a combination of the past 7 years of my life... (I worked at a summer camp in 2002 and 2003 and have been teaching since 2005.)

My high school students were coaches for the week which was the best part. They did a great job disseminating knowledge and I really only did the main teaching for an hour or so a day - the rest of it was all my students teaching their cadre of kids! That's how it's supposed to work! Rock climbing in the afternoon was a lot of fun too and great to show the kids something different!

We are hoping to offer more camps (as a side profit thing for Tri-This!) this summer and next spring break for sure too. Possibly going to other locations throughout the state to help spur on development of more school-based programs.

This coming weekend is our first big triathlon - the Icebreaker Tri. Because I'm friends with Bill, the race director, he still has my picture from two years ago on there for the water portion. That was my first triathlon and I should have used a wetsuit! Won't make that same mistake next weekend... I'll be running tomorrow morning and probably the following week as well so I don't lose to my students this time around!

We'll also be volunteering at the local Millerton Triathlon on Saturday morning... should be a trip with about 7 kids (two relay teams and one individual) so fairly straightforward and more importantly, cheap... we're still waiting for the IRS to get back to us regarding 501c (3) so until then I'm keeping track of expenses and will get reimbursed!

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Rainmaker said...

That's so very cool. It's been awesome to watch all the progress you've made with the different programs over the past year.