Tuesday, December 9, 2008

watching a basketball

I'm sitting at a basketball game blogging just like a real blogger.

Things right now are pretty darn good... a few weeks until Christmas break which is three weeks long, and I'm really looking forward to it.

I'm building support for the splash and dash as well as the Pi Day run and just need to be looking at more sources for grants and money basically... will do that in a bit. While i'm watching the game to support some students I figure I'd get the "extra" work done now. I know when I go home I'm not really in the mood.

After a great 3 mile sprint workout yesterday and an easy 2 mile run today with the kids to stretch things out, I decided it was time for new running shoes. So I got some nice new Nike's the same Air Structure ones I've had... just new! Tomorrow the plan is to do 2 long runs, not really caring about distance just an hour each. HOPEFULLY in the morning and another in the afternoon before night school.

night school, which I'm teaching twice a week 3 and a half hours each time, is a bear but the financial reward will be worth it. The kids are alright and I'll probably have to kick a couple kids out tomorrow to set the tone. So far they are great.

Today in Algebra II we did our last new stuff; from here on out will be just review and getting ready for the final next week! woohoo! I'm starting to relax a bit. This weekend will be an Ironman party with the Visalia Tri club on Saturday and family reunion with the lady friend on Sunday!


mathnerd said...

oh I am jealous about your 3 weeks of break. We only have 2. :(

Rainmaker said...

Yikes! I've never blogged at a Basketball game before. Sweet - I'm a fake blogger. :)

3 weeks of break...nice! I've got you beat though - 3 weeks and one day. And that extra day's where it counts. ;)

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

I'm looking forward to some new ruminations in this new year. Have a happy one!