Monday, December 8, 2008

getting ready...

break from the beginnings story to copy and paste an email i recently sent to friends and supporters:


Just a SHORT holiday note to catch you up to speed on what's going on
for next year.

In early 2009 a new company which we're calling Ascension Multisport
will be formed to further the goal of the triathlon team - to increase
the opportunities for exercise of at-risk youth in Fresno. The last
two years have been fantastic but success thus far requires more
people to continue being a success.

We are planning on two events thus far - a March 14th Pi Day run which
will be a fun run. The idea as it stands now is to have teams of
"millipedes" - runners grouped together connected by a thin, loose
rope - running about a mile. The reason for that is mainly because
March 14th is Pi day..(3.14...)

The big event on the horizon for us is the MAY 30th Splash and Dash.
At this point all i should say is we'll have a 400 meter swim and 5k
run. We are also hoping to add a version that is twice that distance;
I'm in the USA Triathlon and Millerton events sanctioning process
currently, but the date is set. Please mark it on your calendars.

Funding-wise, once we incorporate and then apply for non-profit
status, we are hoping to rely mainly on grants and fundraisers like
the splash and dash instead of the generous support of people like who
you helped us get going.

We plan to work closely with PAL, group homes (especially Valley Teen
Ranch), and of course continue recruiting from the general population
in our target area of McLane and surrounding schools. We certainly
want to spread the joy and benefits of triathlon to our target
students, but need to have the infrastructure (Volunteers, money,
etc.) to be ready for them to continue to change lives.

There will be an informational meeting JANUARY 6th at 7pm at the
Me'N'Eds Victory Grill (Cedar and Ashlan) conference room for
interested parties. Please let me know and thank you for an amazing

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