Saturday, July 26, 2008

bikes are bad!

Yesterday, I watched as a bicyclist was hit and drug by a car... we tried to help and i called 911, and the police came within a few minutes too... i keep replaying the scene in my head but at least she's ok!

then today i was out biking with some of the kids, and one of my athletes (albert) got a flat in his back tire and lost control - literally jumping off his bike as he fell to avoid hitting a light pole. he wasn't going super fast, but fast enough! it was pretty scary for all involved but he was ok aside from a few cuts and i'm sure bruises. could have been a LOT worse! we only did about 8 miles max today, but that's more than most of them bike in a month so it's cool. at least we tried, and they learned how to fix a flat tire...

(the tall hispanic kid is Justin - his first time biking! the shorter one with the red shirt is Benny, also his first time biking. Albert is the shirtless one, Eric is the kid putting the bikes up on the car... and is becoming an amazing athlete! I'm excited to see his sprint tri time next weekend!)


Rainmaker said...

Yikes. Good to see that she was mostly alright, and he's alright. Just gotta get right back on them - otherwise you quickly fear them.

mathnerd said...

I am glad no one was seriously hurt too bad at least and yes, bikes are bad. My friend was riding her bike last week and hit a crack in the curb and fell off. She cracked a rib, has brusies all up one side, gash on her left knee (that she had ACL surgery on last year) and a hug bruise down her left leg. All from hitting a curb. Bikes can be bad.