Wednesday, May 30, 2007

less than two weeks left

That's right. 2 weeks from now we'll all be done. crazy stuff. i'm feeling more energetic and optimistic about the students' learning and less like a general charging into battle (even in the 12pm class).

but i'm going to bed early for a nice run tomorrow morning at 6am and then Stairs after school! (i'm still gonna try for that Olympic Distance Triathlon in less than two weeks! I'll have to do a lot of training I guess tomorrow, Friday there's no time, Saturday night, Sunday, then all next week!)

- grading tests is not fun :-) almost all but one class done though!


mathnerd said...

So how do you feel about losing yor first class? I thought that I would be really happy to see them go, since their behaviors the last two weeks was horrible, but now that I know I will only see each class two more times, I am feeling kind sad! I guess this is just part of the job!

Brandon said...

unfortunately Thursday some students (unidentified as of yet, but we pretty much know who they are because students who graffiti tend to usually do it on their binders, classwork, etc. too... and we found a match :-( ) tore up one of the bathrooms (mirrors, walls, doors, stalls, fixtures) with stupid symbols and graffiti. So our planned fun events for next week are probably canned... quite a bummer! But we just can't trust them anymore - this was following a slew of other events recently by students that are just unacceptable.

but yes, i will still miss them! Fortunately I'm very excited that I already know at least 6 kids coming up next year that will in my classes, and am looking forward to summer school (algebra I).

Friday I was talking to a girl and she mentioned that she didn't have a place to sleep Friday night. With some quick action another teacher and I were able to figure out what to do about that and she was so appreciative, making the comment, "it's nice to know people care!" that just about melted my sometimes-calloused heart.

you have middle school, so i can see how that would be harder too. at least i can know that i'll be able to still see some students.