Saturday, February 14, 2009

salsa dancing

Back for another post this morning.

Last night (the day before valentines day) I went salsa dancing with Meagan and some friends. It was some instructional thing-before-dancing, and it was kinda fun. Moreso for the people and the activity than the actual dancing (I still suck) but it's all good and it was indeed for valentines day! Then we went to a place afterwards for beer and food. always a good time and this week was pretty rough school-wise, so it was good to just... be 25 :-)

I'm itching for night school to be over in two week so I can begin seriously training for swimming. Although for the first time in several months I made it to a pool and swam hard three times this week, which was very encouraging. My shoulder was starting to have some pains on Friday so I've been stretching it this morning in preparation for a mixed weights/swimming sesson in a bit here.

For weights, I work mainly on a rowing machine, lats, abs, and some legs too since I'm doing less running now. Obviously it's more about the duration of the set than pure weights... 4 sets of 10 or 15 with less weight, etc. I love that feeling of swimming after some weights when the arms and legs feel so heavy! Lets me know I've done my workout job correctly :-)

Oh, and federal tax exemption was mailed off and received by the IRS this week, I made myself a Tri-This! shirt to wear around town that says coach dorman on the front, and the Kids Tri Camp is really shaping together nicely. Also the Splash and Dash's ( registration is good to go and we've been receiving entry forms!


mathnerd said...

Glad to hear all is going pretty well.

I start grad school (online through Walden University) March 2nd, and am pretty sure I will have no life until November 2010...

But only 3 months left of school...

Brandon said...

hey, so it seems you're not doing your blog anymore? grad school for math? teaching too or... taking some time off?

i finish my teacher induction stuff (BTSA we call it) this year, then i think i'll take next year off from extra school... then probably the year after that start grad school in either administration or math. no interest at this point in admin, but with all the stuff the tri team has started (non-profit, etc.) it seems like those would be good skills to have. and this year i find myself doing a lot of admin stuff in connection with the turning points academy program (being at the State university... out of the four teachers out there this year, i've got the most experience... crazy!)

mathnerd said...

Yeah it was too hard to keep up with, and I started getting paranoid I would be "discovered".

I'm getting the masters in "Adolescent Literacy and Technology", and yes will be teaching full time while doing it. Thankfully its only 18months or so. :)

I agree that admin would probably be helpful with all the stuff you have been doing!

How's the teaching profession holding up over there? Our governor here in NV has decided to cut eduction around 21%, and if it goes through, it looks like 50 teaches will be laid-off. I miss the cut off by 6 teachers.

Brandon said...

i don't care about being discovered... i think i even link to here from my website. but i do a different kind of posting here/i do most of my posting on facebook. in general posting on here has shown me how egocentric i can get, which bothers me...

so far teaching seems to be holding up. i'm definitely not the newest teacher at my school, the only thing not 100% solid about my career-wise is i haven't passed the third CSET test, and haven't officially finished the induction process to get tenure. but again, there are at least 4 other math teachers in my dept. in the same boat, so i'm not concerned. and if i did lose my math teacher job, i'd most likely be able to get more funding and do the triathlon thing full time with perhaps a side job or two.

3 months left of school sounds like so little! I am doing summer school again this year, but for a 'freshman math academy' math stuff for incoming freshmen! Should be fun.