Thursday, August 23, 2007

first week almost done!

well it was a busy first week! Almost 20 kids are out for water polo (well... about 12 showing up but 8 more that will be getting their physicals soon enough/this weekend). So that's cool. Triathlon practice Saturday (a brick workout at Woodward Park to get back into the swing of things... probably 4 miles running, 10 miles biking and some endurance workouts like lunges over the hills, carrying your partner, and sprints).

the kids are AWESOME so far! Algebra I is a bit rougher but because of their skill level... we spent almost all week on negative numbers and such and they had a rough time with it... but they're optimistic still! So that's cool. 39 kids in first period but they'll fix that soon. average of 32 in the tohers so not that bad. TPA rocks it! highlanders never quit!

mathnerd hope your first week is going well too! I think you're the only person who reads this other than cateacher guy and stuff. did he get a job after all? i'll have to check soon.

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mathnerd said...

I think I read it because it is nice to see someone else going through the same things I do! My first week went okay, really busy!