Thursday, June 7, 2007


Went to McLane's graduation tonight. Wow, it was so encouraging! To see quite a few students I know from coaching was great; I can't wait until two years from now when my first group of TPA students will be graduating!

Today was an incredibly good day of getting some real work done, hanging out with the kids, and then graduation. I also got the Triathlon and Water Polo Team Suburban oil changed and tuned up.

What a privilege it is to live and teach in Fresno, at McLane.

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mathnerd said...

So I take it you enjoyed your first year? Have you started summer school yet? We started on Monday here, and I love working with them, thankfully they are all pretty well behaved kids, and it will be nice knowing 70 of my students next year from the get go. I am looking forward to only having to learn 140 new names instead of 210!