Monday, April 30, 2007

a reminder i work at an inner city school

Apparently this morning at around 7:20 a student was stabbed on his way to school. he's doing ok (mostly a superficial wound... he was saved because apparently he's fairly big, so the knife didn't really hit any organs) and the attacker likely wasn't a student. still, crazy.

oh yeah, we started doing 3-d solid stuff today (surface area, volume) which i like and today was fun; we just practiced drawing them because for a lot of kids that throws them off when they have to go find the area and such of them. i thought it was a really good lesson.


mathnerd said...

stabbed really? geez I am glad I work in such a small community. And the car thing was quite funny, I call him my little racecar student now, but I still want to strangle him, only because he smirked through the whole thing.

also I just got done teaching volume and surface area, and those kids really need visual support, I will have to remember that for next time. I ended up making a paper triangular prism to show them how the sides line up.

And I don't know any other first year blogs, but I am always looking, I will let you know if I find anymore.

mathnerd said...

I wish that I had the technology to even be able to use geometers sketchpad. Instead I have a chalkboard and a duct-taped overhead projector.

I know what you are talking about with the being tired. I think it is just that time of year. We get out June 8th and these kids are squirelly already. I think another part is because its not getting dark til late. I hate that it is still sunny until 8:30, then my body is not ready to sleep until about 11!

I am really happy I live in a rural area. We have our problems (like a lockdown, due to a meth-user threatening to come to the school after she had already shot and killed her mother). But atleast nothing too serious has happened here...

Have a good Friday.